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Our Services

You can rely on us for swamp mat sales and rentals, swabbing rigs, snow removal, mowing services, well monitoring/rig watch, lease reclamation and hot shot services.

SwabbingGas Wells | Production Swabbing

Swabbing, in the context of the oil and gas industry, typically refers to a well-servicing operation known as “well swabbing.” This process is used to remove fluids or materials from a wellbore, particularly in the initial stages of well completion or production.

The well swabbing process involves the use of a tool called a swab, which is a cylindrical device typically made of rubber or other materials. The swab is attached to a cable or wireline and is lowered into the wellbore. Once at the desired depth, the swab is pulled upward, creating a pressure differential that allows fluids, such as water or drilling mud, to be lifted to the surface.

The primary purposes of well swabbing include:

Fluid Recovery: Well swabbing helps recover fluids used during the drilling process or fluids that may have entered the wellbore during completion operations.

Stimulation: Swabbing can stimulate the flow of hydrocarbons (oil or gas) by reducing the pressure in the wellbore, facilitating the movement of fluids from the reservoir into the well.

Cleanup: During the well completion process, debris, excess fluids, and other materials can accumulate in the wellbore. Swabbing helps clean out the well, ensuring optimal production conditions. It’s important to note that the specific techniques and equipment used in well swabbing can vary based on the characteristics of the well, the reservoir, and the overall production strategy. Well swabbing is just one aspect of well-servicing operations aimed at optimizing the performance of oil and gas wells.

Road & Ditch ServicesSnow Removal | Mowing | Grader Services

For the oil field, we specialize in snow plowing, snow blowing, and grading equipment. Tackle snowdrifts with heavy-duty plows, clear pathways effortlessly with powerful blowers, and maintain safe surfaces with graders featuring ice blades. Stay operational, stay efficient.


We offer mowing services to handle large leases, ditches, right-of-ways and plant facilities. Our equipment will safely and efficiently mow the brush and grass clearing your ditches and right-of-ways.

Fully certified operators do the job right. Call the office today.

Freshly mowed field
Bobcat equipment on trailer

Steamers/Power Washing

Our Hotsy steamer clears hydration plugs, ensures smooth flowlines, unlocks tank valves, warms separator shacks, and pressure washes equipment to perfection, enhancing productivity and efficiency across operations.

End Dump Trucks

Streamline your hauling operations with our tridem end dump trailers, designed for transporting gravel, fill, and contaminated soil to landfills with ease. Built for durability and efficiency, these trailers ensure reliable performance, maximizing your productivity while meeting your environmental responsibilities. Simplify your logistics and get the job done right every time.
semi truck and trailer unloading gravel
trailer hauling a blue truck cab

Hot Shot & Equipment Hauling Services

We supply hot shot services, expedited delivery and equipment hauling. A lot of our hot shot deliveries and equipment hauling are done outside of regular business hours or are often needed in an urgent matter-either way we’re here to serve you. So whether it’s a one time delivery you need done or you’re looking for professional on-going hotshot/equipment hauling we can assure you of the best service at all times.

  • Insured and safety trained operators
  • Hauling light oil field equipment and building materials
  • Moving skid steers, loaders, and backhoes
  • Delivering rig matting, tubing and rods, shacks, and general oil field heavy equipment
  • Transporting camp facilities, sea cans, and office structures
  • Small package/small load hot shot service for Saskatchewan & Alberta

Pickers & Winch Trucks

In the oilfield, our pickers and winch trucks are essential tools, handling heavy loads with strength and precision. From remote equipment retrieval to complex operations, they ensure tasks are completed safely and efficiently, serving as the reliable backbone of your endeavors.
Shmittys Shwabbin equipment on site
Shmittys Shwabbin Skidsteers lined up in yard

Bobcat & Backhoe Services

Our skid-steers and backhoes are indispensable assets, adeptly maneuvering through various terrains and tackling a multitude of tasks with ease. From excavation to material handling, these versatile machines enhance productivity and efficiency, ensuring your operations run smoothly and effectively. Trust in our skid-steers and backhoes to get the job done right, every time.

6 X 6 Mud Buggies

Need your production out to meet your numbers for the month? Our 6×6 Mud buggies will get your fluid moved no matter the lease or weather conditions. Our floaters offer the most flotation for the softest of conditions.

  • Big flotation for big results
  • 16M3 tanks
  • 24/7 operations
  • Trucks can be delivered via our equipment haulers
  • 3 inch product pumps
  • 6×6 mud shredders
Shmittys mud buggie driving through muddy field
mud buggie on jobsite

Pull Tractors

In the demanding environment of the oilfield, our pull tractors stand as reliable workhorses, ready to swiftly and safely extract stuck semis, frac crews, and service rigs from challenging situations. Our pull tractors ensure efficient operations, minimizing downtime and keeping your projects on track. Count on our pull tractors to provide the muscle needed to overcome obstacles and keep your oilfield operations running smoothly.

Lease Packing & Disking

Need to get into a lease and it’s soft? Our packers will firm up the ground so the rigs have no issue getting moved in, when completions are done and you need the packed lease broken up for the land owner to seed it once again, our breaker disks can handle that as well to return the land back to original condition.

Shmittys Shwabbin grader
white mud buggie parked on the side of a road

Recovery Services

When it comes to recovery services in the oilfield, we excel in both light and heavy-duty operations, offering swift and reliable solutions to any challenge. From minor incidents to major emergencies, our team is equipped with the expertise and equipment to handle it all. Whether it’s towing a stranded vehicle or recovering heavy machinery, our services ensure minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. Count on us for prompt and professional light and heavy-duty recovery services in the oilfield, ensuring peace of mind and minimal disruptions to your workflow.

Well Monitoring & Rig Watch

Depending on your needs we can offer well testing, well monitoring, rig watch or frac tie ins for flow back tanks! No need to worry about wash outs and tanks over filling on new wells we have you covered on flowing wells! Drilling rig has to stay racked in field for a week or two? We can watch the rig to prevent any criminal activity!

  • Zero environmental impact from wash outs and tank over flowing
  • Peace of mind on maintaining production on new wells
  • Low cost compared to competition for rig watch
Shmittys Shwabbin rig mats and swamps mats
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