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Who we are

Cori Schmidt - Visionary Founder and Owner of Shmitty's Shwabbin

Cori Schmidt, the driving force behind Shmitty’s Shwabbin Ltd’s remarkable journey, sowed the seeds of success in the mid-90s with just a swab rig and a vision for unparalleled excellence. His entrepreneurial spirit and foresight have transformed the company from its modest origins into an industry giant.

Under Cori’s steadfast leadership, Shmitty’s Shwabbin Ltd has thrived, boasting an impressive fleet comprising over 60 units, 24 trailers, and an extensive inventory of 30-plus attachments. The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its diverse range of services, including steamers, pull tractors, snow plows, snow blowers, skid steers, winch trucks, pickers, hot shot services, lease reclamation, end dumps, and graders.

Beyond the business arena, Cori takes pleasure in racing in street stock at the local raceway during the summer and, in the winter, enjoys the thrill of mountain sledding. Born and raised in the Kindersley, SK area, Cori remains deeply rooted in the local community, embodying a commitment to both professional success and community engagement.


Year of experience

rig mat being moved into position
red and blakc Shmittys Shwabbin mud buggie
snowplow blowing snow
Semi trailer hauling hay bales
Shmittys Shwabbin semi trucks

Kelson Elliott - Operations Maestro and Managerial Dynamo

Driving the operational excellence of Shmitty’s Shwabbin Ltd is Kelson Elliott, the seasoned Operations Manager and a linchpin in the company’s success. Born and raised in the Kindersley, SK area, Kelson’s connection to the community aligns seamlessly with the company’s values.

Joining Shmitty’s Shwabbin Ltd in 2009, Kelson has been an integral part of the company’s growth, managing a fleet that includes steamers, pull tractors, snow plows, snow blowers, skid steers, winch trucks, pickers, hot shot services, lease reclamation, end dumps, and graders. Kelson’s hands-on approach ensures operational efficiency, and when the need arises, he steps in to operate equipment, showcasing his dedication to the company’s success.

Both Cori and Kelson find joy in mountain sledding during the winter, revelling in the challenge of conquering big powder. Furthermore, in response to industry demands, Shmitty’s Shwabbin Ltd has expanded its services to include the rental and sales of rig mats and access mats, amassing an impressive inventory of 7000 plus mats.

Together, Cori Schmidt and Kelson Elliott epitomize the ethos of Shmitty’s Shwabbin Ltd, blending visionary leadership, operational prowess, and a shared commitment to excellence, community, and innovation. This positions the company as an industry leader, poised to meet the dynamic needs of its clients.

Health, Safety, and Environmental

At Shmitty’s Shwabbin, safety isn’t just a priority; it’s a core value embedded in our culture. Our robust safety program is the cornerstone of our operations, meticulously developed and maintained to ensure the well-being of every member of our team. Anchored by a comprehensive safety manual, our program encompasses thorough procedures, best practices, and ongoing training initiatives aimed at mitigating risks and fostering a safe working environment. We continuously review and update our safety protocols to align with the latest industry standards and regulations, underscoring our unwavering commitment to safety excellence. With Shmitty’s Shwabbin, you can trust that safety isn’t just a box to check—it’s a fundamental aspect of how we operate, ensuring the health, safety, and prosperity of our employees and community.

We are open invoice, Jobutrax, and comply works approved for invoicing.

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