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Our access mats are durable, strong, and they serve as a critical base for your pipeline construction, small water crossings, tank farms, oil and gas drilling rigs, and many other industrial applications.

steel rig mats

Access Mats

Access mats, also known as rig mats, swamp mats, temporary road mats, or construction mats, serve various essential purposes in industries such as construction, oil and gas, forestry, and environmental remediation. These durable mats are typically made of materials like wood, composite, or metal, and they are laid on the ground to create a stable and secure surface. Here are some key points for the use of access mats:

Terrain Protection

Soft or Sensitive Ground: Access mats are often used to protect soft or environmentally sensitive ground, such as wetlands, marshes, or grasslands, from damage caused by heavy equipment, vehicles, or foot traffic.


Improved Mobility

Enhancing Accessibility: In areas with challenging terrain, access mats provide a stable surface for heavy machinery, enabling easier access to remote or difficult-to-reach locations.


Construction Sites

Construction Platforms: Access mats create stable platforms for construction equipment, enabling efficient and safe construction operations in areas with unstable or uneven ground.

oil and gas

Oil and Gas Industry

Temporary Roads: In the oil and gas sector, access mats are commonly used to construct temporary roads, particularly in remote or environmentally sensitive areas where traditional road construction may be impractical.


Environmental Protection

Preserving Vegetation: Access mats help preserve vegetation and prevent soil erosion by distributing the weight of heavy equipment, reducing the impact on the underlying ground.

Event Planning<br />

Event Planning

Event Infrastructure: Access mats are utilized in event planning to create temporary walkways, parking areas, or flooring for outdoor events, protecting lawns or fields from damage.


Utility and Infrastructure Projects

Underground Utilities: Access mats are employed in utility projects to create temporary surfaces above underground utilities, providing a protective barrier for both the utilities and the ground above.

Emergency Response<br />

Emergency Response

Disaster Relief: In emergency situations, access mats are used for quick deployment of temporary roads, bridges, and platforms to facilitate disaster response and recovery efforts.

military Application

Military Applications

Military Operations: Access mats play a role in military operations by providing stable surfaces for heavy equipment and vehicles, especially in challenging or remote environments.

cost and time savings

Cost and Time Savings

Efficiency: The use of access mats can lead to cost and time savings by avoiding the need for extensive groundwork or road construction in temporary or remote locations.

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The versatility of access mats makes them a valuable solution for various industries, allowing for efficient and sustainable operations in challenging environments while minimizing the impact on the surrounding landscape.
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