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Shmittys Shwabbin access mats & rig mats stacked

Shmitty's Shwabbin Ltd

Access Mat Sales & Rentals

We supply durable, strong access mats that minimize ground disturbance and serve as a critical base for your pipeline construction, small water crossings, tank farms, oil and gas drilling rigs, and many other industrial applications.

semi trailer hauling equipment

Shmitty's Shwabbin Ltd

We are a Full Service Oil Well Services Company

We are equipped with a number of pieces of equipment for all aspects of the oil field, agriculture, and construction industries.

Black Shmittys Shwabbin swab rig

Shmitty's Shwabbin Ltd

Swabbing Rigs

Our swab rigs are ready to go 24/7. Production rigs with tanks for easy all in one fluid recovery. Open flow back tanks are also available. Give us a call!

Shmittys Shwabbin rig mats at jobsite
Shmittys Shwabbin swab rig on site


Year of experience

About Us

Shmitty’s Shwabbin is a family owned business–right here in Kindersley, Saskatchewan!! Our business started back in 1998 with a single swabbing truck. We’re proud to provide you with a low cost service which is local, we deliver ‘on time’, we’re ready at a moment’s notice and we provide you with 24/7 service.

We’re probably like you in a lot of ways too. We grew up on the farm and like sleds and racing stock cars. Whether you’re local to central Saskatchewan-or to the south or north of us or even into Alberta–we’re here to help out.

Give us a call–we’re on time and ready to go 24/7. You can count on us.

Access Mat Sales & Rentals

We supply access, rig, and swamp mats that minimize ground disturbance and maintain the integrity of your work site. We understand the importance of extending your productivity in challenging weather conditions. We provide best-in-class access mat rentals and sales.

Our Services

equipment laying rig

Rig & Access Mat Sales & Rentals

Our access mats are durable, strong, and they serve as a critical base for your pipeline construction, small water crossings, tank farms, oil and gas drilling rigs, and many other industrial applications.

swab ring

Swabbing Rigs

Call us and we’ll have our swab rig operator drive to your well to be swabbed or serviced. We’ll lift the dead fluid and remove it from your well. Some wells require just one run and other wells may require multiple runs. Count on us for your swabbing needs.

Shmitty's Shwabbin mower mowing grass

Snow Removal & Mowing Services

As part of our lease maintenance service, we provide snow removal and sanding at your site. We also provide mowing services to handle leases, ditches, right of ways and plant facilities. If you require remediation, or erosion control for vegetation management let us know how we can help.


Lease Reclamation & Grader Services

When you need lease reclamation you can count on us. We can handle contouring leases, and land restoration including haul out. Our services include soil moving or replacement, hydroseeding, gravel supply and more. Ask us for more details.

semi trailer hauling a green tractor and pieces of equipment

Hot Shot & Equipment Hauling Services

If your equipment breaks down on site, call us and we’ll deliver a replacement part with high urgency. Our operators and hotshot carriers are ready to pick up and deliver these parts at a moment’s notice. For your urgent and planned needs call us first.

Shmittys Shwabbin steamer on site


Our Hotsy steamer clears hydration plugs, ensures smooth flowlines, unlocks tank valves, warms separator shacks, and pressure washes equipment to perfection, enhancing productivity and efficiency across operations.

Industries We Serve

Oil & Gas



Power, Transmission, & Distribution

Renewable Energy


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