Oil Field Services Serving Saskatchewan and Eastern Alberta

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Operating Hours

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We are equipped with a number pieces of equipment for all aspects of the oil field

You can rely on us for swamp mat rentals,  swabbing rigs,  snow removal,  mowing services,  well monitoring/rig watch,  lease reclamation  and hot shot services.

Swamp Mat Rentals

We supply swamp mats that minimize ground disturbance and maintain the integrity of your work site. We understand the importance of extending your productivity in challenging weather conditions. We provide best-in-class swamp mat rentals.

Swabbing Rigs

Call us and we’ll have our swab rig operator drive to your well to be swab or serviced. We’ll lift the dead fluid and remove it from your well. Some wells require just one run and other wells may require multiple runs. Count on us for your swabbing needs.

Snow removal and mowing services

As part of our lease maintenance service we provide snow removal and sanding at your site. We also provide mowing services to handle leases, ditches, right of ways and plant facilities. If you require remediation, erosion control for vegetation management let us know we can help.


Depending on your needs we can offer well testing, well monitoring,rig watch or frac tie ins for flow back tanks! No need to worry about wash outs and tanks over filling on new wells we have you covered on flowing wells! Drilling rig has too stay racked in field for a week or two we can watch the rig too prevent any criminal activity!

Lease reclamation

When you need lease reclamation you can count on us. We can handle contouring leases, land restoration including haul out. Our services include soil moving or replacement, hydroseeding, gravel supply and more. Ask us for more details.

Hot Shot services

If your equipment breaks down on site call us and we’ll deliver a replacement part with high urgency. Our operators and hotshot carriers are ready to pick up and deliver these parts at a moment’s notice. For your urgent and planned needs call us first.